3 MCs and 1 DJ on Mott St.

This video was shot in the sub-basement of 262 Mott St, where the Beastie Boys used to have a rehearsal studio. Moby used to live in that building too – he moved in around 1988 or 89. There was barely running water in the building, and the area was completely run down, completely unlike the chic Nolita area it has turned into. We free online pokie machine games used to have a drumming circle in his studio, and eat oatmeal flat bread that he cooked in his toaster oven. Later, around 1998, Jocelyne and I moved into the building next door, at 284 Mott st, where Lili was born. The Beastie Boys eventually shifted their studio to Canal St., and 262 Mott is now a multi-million dollar condo building.