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Dear Students and Friends,

It seems that our time to vacate 430 Broome Street has come a little early. We were given notification on Friday that there is a new tenant coming in, and the owner would like us to vacate 30 days early, as he is entitled to do. So, as of now, barring any bizarre twist of fate, our last day on Broome Street is August 31st. It is of course kind of brutal and crushing. There has been so much love, devotion and hard work put into that school, by so many people. However, we did our best, and now it is time to wrap it up, and then move on with gratitude for all that we were able to accomplish over the past 15 years in our ever changing, humble, little yoga school. From the days after 9/11 when Guruji taught in the the school, to the installation of the temple, the fire, the ups and downs – the marriages, pujas, celebrations, and most importantly, the dedicated yoga practice – it has been nothing short of awesome in every way.

A couple of important things as we enter this last month:

1. Closing party: AUGUST 31st 7-10pm. Yeah, you better frigging come.

2. August payments: unlimited monthly payments that were due on the 1st thru 4th of the month can still be made. 12 class payments can be made as long as you have enough days to finish them off, the same holds true for the 6 class package. For the rest, single class payments accepted up until the 31st.

3. Manhattan school: We are looking for a suitable place, you’ll be the first to know when we find one. I promise. And yes, it’ll be downtown.

4. Brooklyn Yoga Club: opens for classes, most likely, October 1st. Collaborative work space and cafe should be open, hopefully, by September 1st. You can come out and visit and sit in the garden and have some tea.

5. My schedule for August: Tues-Thurs this week I will be in Beaufort, SC, for the work I do helping to implement Health and Wellness programs in public school districts. Sun-Tues I’ll be in Columbia, SC, doing that as well. After that, I will be at the school everyday until we close. Jocelyne was scheduled to be on a meditation retreat from August 7th until the 16th, which she will still attend, and she’ll be back in class after that.

6. September: We will be taking the month of September off to prepare the Brooklyn school and finalize the Manhattan space. We also want to have a little break after we close Broome St., to let everything settle in. We also have to figure out the relocation of the temple. So please accept my apologies that we will have no classes during the month of September – I am sure that you can understand there is a lot to be done, and we’ll need some time and headspace.

7. I think that’s all for now. It certainly is a lot! It has been a wonderful time spent on Broome St, and we all knew it was coming. So here it is. Let’s just make sure of one thing: that our closing party is awesome, and is a party to never be forgotten!

Eddie and Jocelyne


Summer Schedule:

Mysore class M-F 6am-11am, Sat. 8 am, Sunday 8-11am

Led class Saturday 10am

Pranayama classes continue on Fridays at 6am

Theory classes on Sunday TBA

Namarupa – New Issue Available

Digital and hard copy issues of Issue #20 are available here. Articles include an examination of the Yoga Taravali (the text where “vande gurunam” first appeared) by Jason Birch; an interview with Dr. Robert Svoboda; a short biographical sketch of the iconoclastic Swami Agehananda Saraswati – one of the first Westerners to become a Sannyasi; Dreaming in Early Vedanta by Ashtanga Yoga and UVA student Naomi Worth; and several other great articles. Photos by Robert Moses are sprinkled throughout, as well as a photo essay from the Jagannath Cart Festival in Puri.

Brooklyn in the House

Rumor has it, we are moving to Brooklyn… well, the rumor happens to be true. We’ll be opening a small school in Clinton Hill, to be called the Brooklyn Yoga Club: ground floor yoga and meditation rooms, 1st floor library, coffee/tea/juice and light food service, communal tables and a 1,000 sq ft outdoor deck. Our new address is 206 Vanderbilt Ave., and we should be open in late summer/early fall. Manhattanites, have no fear, we’ll still keep our school in the city even after Broome St. closes on September 30th. However, the Yoga Club is just one stop into Brooklyn on the B, Q and R trains (well, 2 stops on the R). And then a short walk. The walk will be worth it for the steam room we’re putting in.

Moon Days

August 14
August 29




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