Vedanta Vidvan Yoga Visharada Sri K Pattabhi Jois

It has been three years since Guruji passed away, and his teachings are as alive and vibrant as ever. In fact, it seems as though there are even more people practicing now, and it is  a testament to the veracity of the method he taught that his message continues to spread though he is no longer here.

Guruji once told me a story about when Swami Sivananda visited Mysore, and Guruji, who had read his books on yoga, went to speak with him about a few points that he did not agree with. He also did a demonstration for Sivananda, and the Swami was so impressed that he invited Guruji to come live in Rishikesh, and said he would give him a house for him and his family. Guruji considered going, and spoke to the Head Master at the Sanskrit College to get his opinion about it. The Head Master told him, ‘If you go, Sivananda will get all the credit for your teachings, but if you stay here, one day your name will spread around the world’. So Guruji stayed in Mysore and dedicated himself to his students, and his name, his love, and his teachings, indeed spread around the world. Thank you, Guruji, once again, for your tireless devotion. May we live up to your example.

Guruji and Amma, Lakshimpuram, 1992 - photo by Holton Rower

Guruji during his morning routine, Lakshmipuram, 1997 - photo Stephan Crasneanscki

Guruji and Sharath, Lakshmipuram 1997 - photo Stephan Crasneanscki

Guruji, Amma and Saraswati 1979, Anthony Prem Carlisi

Guruji and Manju, California, circa 1978 photographer unknown