Tim Miller, on Planets, and in NYC

My old friend (yes, Tim, I am calling you old) will be teaching at The Shala Yoga House this weekend. The program looks awesome, I am greatly looking forward to seeing him and taking his classes!

timmiller workshop_r1

For all who have not seen Tim’s blog, Tuesday’s With Timji, click here to read Tim’s musings on yoga, astrology, and all sorts of other interesting stuff. Stuff is not quite the word I am looking for. One of the planets is obviously hiding the word from me that I am looking for. My mind is in a mid-afternoon eclipse. Below is from September 17th.

“Vayu manifests himself fivefold as the Pancha Vayus—Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana.  Prana is the vital air that allows us to take things in, like inhalation, food, drink, sensory experiences—sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings, etc.  Apana has the opposite function, to expel things from the system via exhalation, excretion of bodily wastes, or   letting go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us.  Samana is the fiery Vayu that gives us the power to digest things—food, prana, thoughts and feelings, new concepts and ideas, etc.  Vyana provides circulation throughout the system of prana, oxygen, blood, lymph, etc.  The fifth Vayu, Udana, provides both physical and spiritual growth, as well as the energy that travels up the spine and out the mouth through speech, mantra, singing, ujjayi breathing, etc.  For this current conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and Rahu, we can think of each planet embodying one of the Pancha Vayus—Venus would be Vyana, Saturn–Apana, and Rahu–Prana.  Venus is linked with the Anahata (Heart) Chakra where the Air Element and the Sense of Touch are centered.  Venus wants us to circulate like Vyana—to socialize, flirt, be charming and look fabulous, create schemes to make millions, have love affairs, etc.  In the Pranamaya Kosha (the Energy Body), Saturn’s place is the Muladhara Chakra, located at the root of the spine–embodying the Earth Element and the Sense of Smell.  Both Saturn and Apana are associated with the quality of contraction.  Saturn’s job is to keep us grounded, practical, hard working and patient, to keep our nose to the grindstone—good luck with Venus and Rahu tugging on us.  That leaves us with Rahu, the “Head of the Dragon”, who could only be paired with Prana—our ability to gobble things up.  Rahu has a voracious appetite already, and being next to Venus has him in a frenzy.  We really need to be on guard now in regards to overindulgence.  Rahu needs to listen to Saturn.  The “Grumpy Old Man” of the Zodiac is telling him to scale it back and apply a little more self-discipline.  In terms of disciplines, the perfect one for the moment is Pranayama.”