Seahawks: meditation + defense?

It is no secret that Seattle Seahawk’s coach Pete Carroll includes yoga and meditation as part of his training regime for his players. I was on a train back from a great weekend at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond when Sunday night’s Super Bowl ended with the Seahawks crushing victory, and so I thought I would test out the hypothesis that the Seahawk’s won because of all the yoga and meditation they did on my cab driver. “More likely it was their defense”, he replied.

The below snippet is from last August’s ESPN article on Coach Carrol’s training philosophy:

“The big idea is that happy players make for better players. Everyone in the facility, from coaches and players to personal assistants and valets, is expected to follow Carroll’s mantras regarding positivity of thought, words and actions. “Do your job better than it has ever been done before,” he tells them. Yelling and swearing are frowned upon, and every media interview with a player or coach ends with a thank-you to the reporter.”

Substitute the words “students”, “staff”, “teachers” and “principals” and you have the same description of what yoga in schools looks like, too.