Save the Elephants

Save the Elephants

Throughout 2018, Eddie will be going around the world performing Ganesh Pujas to spread the awareness of the plight of the mighty and majestic elephants, whose existence on this planet is being imperiled through poaching. While pujas are always free, we are accepting donations at the end of these special pujas, and all of the money collected will be donated to Knot On MY Planet, which supports elephant protection in Africa and the end of the ivory trade worldwide. These pujas are being performed, this year, in Moscow, Stockholm, Chengdu, London, Amsterdam, Milan, India, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv. Please wear clean, festive clothing, and bring fresh fruits, nuts, or flowers, which we will offer to Ganesh during.

Ganesh is the elephant-headed Hindu deity who is the remover of obstacles, and the giver of success for all new undertakings. This ceremony creates a feeling of joy and devotion, and creates a special sense of community. Explanations will be given as we go through the steps of the ceremony, which will include group chanting and other offerings.

There are only 415,000 elephants left in the world, and they are being slaughtered at a rate of 30,000 per year. If this is allowed to continue, we could be the last generation to ever see an elephant in the wild. For more information, please visit

Tour Dates

Ashtanga Yoga Moscow, January 16th
Yogashala, Stockholm, February 3rd
Ashtanga Yoga Chengdu, China, March 10th
Delight Yoga, Amsterdam, June 16th
Ashtanga Yoga Athens 2002, July 1st
Ashtanga Yoga Stamford, CT, July 17th
Ashtanga Yoga Milan, Italy, August 31st
Inner Peace Conference, Amsterdam, October 6th
Paramarth Nikethan, Rishikesh, October
Calu Yoga, Buenos Aires, December 1st