Robert Moses Heads to the Himalayas

Namarupa visionary (and one of my first yoga teachers in 1988) Robert Moses is preparing to make a small film about a village nestled in the Himalayas, their public school, and a program to train the kids (who run up the mountains in flip-flops) how to be mountain guides:

“In March of 2012, Himalayan Education Foundation founder and president Jayant Hardikar took several Dublin School students on the trip of a lifetime. Hardikar, who left India for graduate school in the U.S. in 1987 and now lives in Peterborough where he runs his non-profit, brought the students to visit the school he supports in Chaukori, India.

With massive snow-capped mountains lining the horizon and overlooking the lush, green village that sits itself at roughly the elevation of Mount Washington, one Dublin School student wondered aloud why there wasn’t a hiking program at the Himalaya Public School. Hardikar didn’t answer, but waited until the next day, when he hiked with both sets of students. All along the way, the Himalaya Public School students pointed out their villages from the mountain, miles away. “When the Dublin student saw these kids from the Himalaya Public School running up the slope in flip flops, he looked at me and said, ‘They really don’t need a hiking program, do they? This is their life.’”

Robert in action as digital and video photographer at EMS

Robert in action as digital and video photographer at EMS

Where Robert would rather be...

Where Robert would rather be…