No Sleep Till Oslo

Forgetting my passport, & having to come home and miss my flight to Norway has, on the bright side, given me time to post the last Beastie video before I leave (again). There are so many to choose from – I was tempted to go back to the roots and post Cooky Puss – I still remember purchasing the single at 99 Records on MacDougal St when it came out – but it is on the vulgar and un-ahimsic side, and wouldn’t reflect the spiritual and moral maturity that the Beasties all went through. Following Yauch’s lead, Horowitz and Mike D. whole-heartedly supported the Tibetan freedom cause, and I feel that it is fitting to end these few days of videos with the most positive, compassionate and dedicated parts of Adam’s character. Rest in peace, Adam; travel safely, our prayers are with you.