Mythical Experience in Richmond City Jail

This is an amazing letter from Robert Smalls III, who is serving time in RCJ and has been participating in Robbie Norris’s Ashtanga Yoga program. The letter is verbatim in his own language, and a warning: the mythical experience relates to a bowel movement, so be warned. However, Smalls is not mocking the practice at all in his letter – he is quite sincere.

I had done some research on yoga so when I had the opportunity 2 par take N Ashtanga Yoga at Richmond Jail through the Men in Recover program – I was all over it.

My initial reason 2 practice was bone therapy. My shoulder sockets (or whatever U call dem ‘tings) were hurting when I threw a softball or did up-ups. Also my lower back hurt when I bent over or sat along time. Mind U, I am 52 (was) simply getting ole. I had practiced hog aver 3 months when I notice my right shoulder was 100% healed. My left shoulder is 80% healed. My lower back is 85% healed. I feel that pre-aging process has been reversed.

There’s Moe: My yoga instructor (Robbie Norris) gave me an Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual that explained the palpable yoga blessing [David Swensen donated these to the jail via Robbie]. Like spirituality, detoxification alignment of da body 2 name a few.

Detoxification: I kinda wanted to keep dis 2 myself, but its God’s truth.Within my first month of yoga sessions I had a mythical experience. I was defecating and it was a great strain 2 get this turd out (sorry if it sounds gross). The toxic turd was hard & would not break and flush although the toilet had a power flush. I had to use toilet paper and break… da ‘ting in order it it 2 flush. Since dat event, I no longer strain when I use the toilet or spend long periods of time defecating. My feces barely smells.


I was heading 2 lunch at Richmond Jail when a clear & simple though hit me: “Da purpose of Life is 2 find something good 2 do wit’ one’s self… and in dat one find da will of God and happineness… since all dat iz good is from God.”

Yoga Enhances Da Good n U:

It iz my option dat yoga enhanced my attributes – now I don’t know all da why(s) and how(s). However, I am grateful for da irrefutable results!

—R. Small, III

Now, isn’t that awesome and inspiring? Thank you, Robbie Norris – keep up your great work.  More can be read here. Also – you can see from these types of letters that Ashtanga Yoga is clearly not just for young boys (as the detractors would have it) or bad for your shoulders 🙂