The logo and home page video of the Brooklyn Yoga Club were designed by NYC based designer Nick Ace. The image that Nick designed is based on musical notation. The comma that rests above the five music notation lines is called ‘the breath mark’. When a musician comes to that mark, they pause and take a breath. This is as well one of the essential purposes behind a spiritual practice. A pause creates space, and in that space, we have the opportunity to experience who we are behind thought, idea, image, projection and ambition. We felt that Nick’s conceptualization of the essence of yoga into a simple, elegant image was perfect.

The home page video is a highly original representation of the primary series chart. It was conceived and designed by Nick, and filmed by Rob Soucy at Michael Halsband’s studio in NYC. A special thanks to Rob and Michael for their careful and attentive work.

The BKYC website was designed by my friend and collaborator Roberto Maiocchi of One Digital Farm. His quiet sense of style and dedication to work completion brought this site to life. Special thanks as well to one of my first yoga teachers and my Namarupa co-publisher Robert Moses for the photographs that are contained on the site.