Helping Houston

Hi, Folks,

By now everyone has seen the extensive damage that Hurricane Harvey has brought to Texas and Louisiana. Let’s also not forget the massive rains in South East Asia.

If you would like to support humanitarian and rescue work in Houston, please consider supporting Alison Thompson, who I worked with during Hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway. You can learn about her in this short video, and within the first two minutes you’ll want to support her. She goes into crisis zones in every corner of the world, and brings her SWAT rescue paramedic skills and considerable experience with her. In Houston, she’ll be bringing all of that, plus a couple of boats and canoes.

Alison looks for both long and short term interventions in crisis zones. One of the massive problems from Hurricane Sandy was there was no power for up to five months in many areas. That includes street lights, and everything. In advance of this, one of the things she will be bringing with her are 500 solar powered lights to distribute, that you can see demo’ed in the video. More lights will be coming as well.

Denise Horvilleur, who I work with in the public schools in El Paso, and previously in Houston, and Rachel Nystrom, who runs Ashtanga Yoga Houston, are opening their houses to Alison for supply shipments, headquarters, and as a place for a group of medics who are en route from NYC to stay in. Michelle Manning (who was also in Far Rockaway) will be driving in from Tennessee with a truck filled with requested supplies from some very hard hit local parishes. Pastor Tillman and I will do what we can from here with our connections in Houston.

The big organizations are great to support, but the smaller groups are also valuable because they can provide quick and surgical responses in many cases. That is what Alison, the medics, and Michelle will be doing.

If you are looking for a way to help, here are some good options:

#1 Help Alison Thompson/Third WaveVolunteers here
#2 The NYT has a good list of groups to donate to here

Please, please think twice before giving to the Red Cross. The Red Cross is one of the most corrupt charitable organizations that we have in the US. Millions upon millions of dollars donated to specific causes, like Haiti, or Hurricane Sandy, never reached those locations, and the Red Cross has been sued multiple times over this.

Thanks very much for reading this. If you have tips or need help, please let me know, and I’ll pass it along.

With love,
Eddie and Jocelyne