Astrology + Puja + Adele = Awesome

If you are looking for a website with clear and well written information about puja, homa, astrology and also a nice, but small, collection of MP3s, visit here.The information and recordings are all by PVR Narasimha Rao (who recently contributed to Namarupa) and who lives in Massachusetts.

I particularly like this humble disclaimer from his astrological readings section:

“… one is better off doing a Mahaganapthi homam (or any homam) every day or every weekend and praying to god about one’s problems, than contacting me. I have no ability to solve people’s problems. Even my diagnosis of their problems and prognosis of when things may improve, may not be that good. Prayer is more useful and reliable.”

And as a special bonus, his daughter, Sriharini, playing ‘Fire to the Rain’ on her ukulele – genius and amazing!