And Now We Know Who Was In That Advanced 'A' Video…

Special big up to Christine Hoar of Bristol Yoga for providing the year, location and names of the students practicing in the third series video that was recently posted by Kristina Karitinou on YouTube (and in our last post here).

From Christine’s email:

for what it’s worth….the folks in the video are:

brad ramsey
clifford sweatte
chuck miller
sandy harrington
stephanie gilgoff (nancy’s sister)
helena berg
lynne heiman (ricky’s wife)

you can see ricky come in at about 1:45 into the video, chatting with guruji.

it is circa 1985. and was filmed in ricky’s garage in kona, hawaii.

It’s worth a lot, thank you Christine. And as for your closing query…

love the outfits…think i’m going to get me some white tights and a new leotard!

… maybe I’ll go back to purple speedos… but most likely maybe not.

Purple Speedos, Mysore, 1992

Purple Speedos, Mysore, 1992

Purple Speedos, Mysore, 1992