Rockaway, Update 2

Polling Site, Far Rockaway, Nov. 6th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I hope this post finds everyone well. I have an updated list of emergency needs for tomorrow, and will give today’s report at the end of the post.

1. URGENT: volunteers to come to Rockaway from 9-5 tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 7th, ┬áto help clean out a gymnasium that will become a makeshift shelter for the upcoming storm. We are working on transportation, but if you have or can get a hold of a car or van, we can get the necessary numbers out there – we need about 100 people. Please respond to me at this email, and Lisa will respond to you to help coordinate.

2. Supplies, all in large quantities – there is an endless need for all of the below:


Industrial large black garbage bags


Heavy duty brooms



Warm blankets

Clothes are not needed at this time


* Doctors: we have arranged for three or four extremely kind hearted and generous doctors to come out tomorrow and treat people, and as well to stay through the storm for any eventualities that may arise. There are very few doctors out there.

* Michael Chernow and friends brought food for several hundred people that was distributed in three locations

* Food, blankets and supplies brought to homebound individuals in two separate projects

* All of the Pokies items requested from 98 Beach Projects (flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, tampons, baby supplies and toothpaste) were distributed and were received with much gratitude – so a big thank you to all of you who went out and were able to procure everything before 11 am this morning. Amazing work.

* The day ended at St Francis La Salle High School, which is currently a distribution center run by Alison Thompson, who has done relief work in Haiti, for the Tsunami and Katrina. She has requested the volunteers for tomorrow, the doctors and supplies. They have a solid center set up, in a very torn up part of Rockaway. There are a few photo posted on our website. Getting the shelter prepared for tomorrow will be a very, very good thing for us to help her get accomplished – the temperatures were at freezing when we left tonight, people have no power, heat, lights or anything, and it is about to get much worse. I know it is short notice, but tomorrow is an important day to help.

* Fully tax-deductible donations can be given – for those who do not have money to donate at this time, we need help each day making purchases, and can give you money to do that.

* Cars and vans for tomorrow if you can!!

Thank you very much, your mobilization has been awesome.