Rockaway Report 4

Rockaway report #4 Nov 8th, 2012

Hello Folks,

I am too beat to give a full report tonight; in brief, needed supplies were brought to peoples homes, meals were served to people who had not eaten in two days, and a daycare warming center was set up for children to finally have a familiar and warm place to gather and play – out from the cold and dark of homes with no power.

On the side of the Rockaway residents and city workers, phenomenal work and effort are being put out. The Sanitation department deserves a week in the Bahamas when this is all over – they are truly putting out a heroic effort.

Tomorrow we will send out a mailing with info on exactly what is going on for Saturday the 10th, time, location, transportation and work that will be done. We are expecting a lot of people, it will be great, and the weather should be warm.