Philosophical Graffiti

These great posters are from a design website Stacey Bendet sent me – they are a hell of a lot more interesting than the super uninspiring YouTube live stream of the RNC that I am about half listening to. I don’t even know if it qualifies for half.

Philosophically, the poster captions could be stronger, but I like the idea of combining a graphic with a simple explanation of a particular viewpoint:

Along with our hair, have we lost our youthful idealism?


According to Sankhya, mind and matter are the same substance - in fact, the philosophical explanation for the picture is inaccurate, but I like the graphic


The bindu, the single dot that contains within itself infinite potential, that has manifested the entire universe


Just because I thought it was funny. Please forgive the Latin F-bomb.

Ok, that’s all. I can’t take the RNC anymore. Goodnight, Mitt Romney.