My Daughter's Favorite Kind of Yoga

Speaking of my daughter – Lili, age 11 – here are two things that she has said in the past week that I think are particularly excellent. The first is ad-copy worthy, the second, maybe the title of a book?

1. On Saturday, Lili and I were walking to Candle Cafe with her cousin Maisie.

Maise said to Lili: Do you know how far we have to walk? (it was cold out).

Lili: I have no idea.┬áThen about 30 seconds, Oh! We’re almost there!

Maisie: How do you know, you just said you didn’t know where we were going.

Lili: Because there’s Duane Reade, and Duane Reade is close to everything!

2. A couple of days before that, Lili and I were walking back from Candle Cafe (we eat there a lot), discussing karma, and how if you throw an action out into the world it will eventually come back to you. “I get it”, she exclaimed, “karma is action gravity!” Dig it. Perfect definition. Well said, Lili.