Iggy's backbend

I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday trying to track down, on youtube, a video of Iggy Pop doing one of his amazing mid-song backbends. All I could find was Mick Rock’s iconic photo:

Iggy Pop, 1972, London. Photo by Mick Rock

The closest I could come to finding a video was a clip from the Dinah Shore Show, featuring David Bowie on keyboards. However, just when Iggy goes into the backbend, they cut to Bowie. The song was Funtime, not my favorite Iggy song, but if you have a spare 3 minutes…

Lou Reed offered to write Iggy to ask him where I could find the video, which would make a much more interesting story, but this less interesting one will have to do.

More relevant, perhaps, to spiritual discipline and music: Lou composed some beautiful music for his Tai Chi Master, Master Ren, which is well worth checking out. Here is the link to some short clips.

Iggy – breath through your nose! And careful of your knees!