Guruji, 3rd Series, Circa 1980's (?)

Thanks, Steve Confluence Cahn (yes, you just were christened with a spiritual name; Stevie Sanga for those in the know) for leading us to this fabulous piece of history – Guruji teaching led advanced A to Chuck Miller and 5 other people who I can’t identify. The video was uploaded by Derek Ireland’s son, Dennis Ireland, onto his YouTube station.

Two notable things:

1. Guruji holds everyone for 10 breaths in baddha padmasana, before kevala padmasana (the traditional lotus pose, with the arms outstretched straight onto the knees). This is how I teach it as well, because I remember him doing it – but the practice of it has not been done for some years now. It is a very useful asana, and I highly recommend staying for ten breaths before straightening the arms for kevala padmasana; your back will become straight, the waist elongated, and the chest open for the deep breathing which follows it.

2. Before resting, Guruji has everyone breathe for 10 breathes in Tadaka Mudra (legs and arms straight, toes pointed, uddiyana bandha applied). This is a very good pose for balancing and retaining energy after practice. I teach this as well, especially in the yoga therapy classes. It is a good way to rest without becoming sleepy – so, I am happy for some video proof of this one, too!

Enjoy! Thank you Steve, Dennis and Kristina 🙂