Eddie’s Schedule



Eddie teaches the following classes except for when he is out of town for workshops (see below)

Sunday Led Classes

Monday thru Friday
First shift:
Doors open 5:45am
Opening Prayer 6:30am
First shift finishes 8:45am

Second shift:
Opening prayer 9am
Second shift finishes 11:30am

For the second shift, you are welcome to begin your practice
before 9am, but there will not be a teacher in the room between
8:45 and 9am


March 9th-12th
Milan, Italy
Ashtanga Yoga Milano

April 4th
Leeds, UK
The Yoga Space

April 8th
Aberdeen, UK
Mo Yoga

April 27th-May1st
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ashtanga Yoga Buenos Aires

June 22nd-25th
Zagreb, Croatia
Green Yogi Traveler

August 10th-13th
Moscow, Russia
Ashtanga Yoga Moscow

August 17th-20th
Yekatarinaberg, Siberia