Deepak Chopra, President Vicente Fox, Fran Drescher and AYNY

For the past 6 months, Deepak Chopra and I have been co-teaching a group of High School kids from South East Queens as part of a mentoring program, called Life Camp, started by the amazing Erica Ford. On Monday, 40 of these children, Erica and Deepak will be coming to AYNY to take part in launching the Chopra Family’s new YouTube TV channel called The Chopra Well, a station that will discuss and address current world challenges, ways to foster critical mass, and the role of personal transformation for global transformation – as well as introducing meditation, yoga and conscious living across a broad spectrum of communities.

Please join in with us to view this live streamed event, by going to the YouTube channel The Chopra Well. Through conversation, personal wellness, and social connectedness we have the tools to begin crafting the world we imagine, the world that is possible – for ourselves, for our children, and for all beings who live on this planet.

Below is a preview of one of Deepak’s shows on the channel – the full length interview with Vinny G from Jersey Shore is pretty great, especially this line, from Deepak’s word play:

D: “Karma”

VG: The nightclub in Jersey.

D: Ok, that’s really good. We’ll stop there.