Racing Extinction

Grammy and Academy Award winning J. Ralph (also an AYNY student:-) has composed the music for Racing Extinction, a film on the destruction of the Earth’s diverse species, which comes out in 2015. Saturday, September 20th, on the eve of the People’s Climate March, images from this film will be projected on the entire face of the United Nations building from 8-11 pm. It’s free, and the best views will be from the west side of 1st ave. between 43rd and 46th st. See you there, or see you Sunday at the march!


“Racing Extinction” Trailer from Oceanic Preservation Society on Vimeo.

This is a wonderful video that shows, for the first time, the super cluster of stars that our little planet Earth spins around in:

“Within a land form, water flows in certain directions,” Tully said. “The water knows, even if the land is very flat, which way is downhill.” Instead of downhill valleys that attract water flow, our universe has something called the “Great Attractor.” This region serves as a gravitational focal point , influencing the motion of galaxies in the supercluster.

From the creative genius of GBSK

Summer [Blog] Break Is Over

Hello, folks. After a long break over the summer from the blog, I am ready to get back into posting stuff. The return post is a letter that I sent out to our mailing list yesterday about our first pricing shift in 10 years, and the fall schedule at AYNY. Looking forward to the fall!


I hope you are all well and having a good start of September. I am writing to give you some updates about the fall schedule, and also about a pricing shift at AYNY.

Price Shift

As many of you know, we have not had a price increase at the school in over 10 years, due to our rent remaining at a fixed level of $6,500 per month. Unfortunately, that is ending on October 1st, and the rent of the school is increasing to $12,983.62 per month. As it is, AYNY is not a tremendously profitable venture, and the school will not be able to survive this increase without a shift in our pricing structure.

I am terribly sorry about this, but it is unfortunately the reality of our situation. Before the price shift occurs, I would like to offer to you some discount possibilities that would allow you to pay the same prices for the next year, and at the same time give the school a more reliable flow of income in order to meet our rent. Here is what they are:

Option 1:

For those who sign up for recurring payments before October 1st, the monthly class fees will remain the same.

You will additionally receive 10% off on all workshops or special events held at or by AYNY;

10% off books and t-shirts from the temple boutique (whose sale supports temple activities)

The ability to freeze your monthly classes for up to two months while continuing to pay the old prices.

Option 2:

For those of you who would like to pay for an entire year in advance, you would receive ‘the baker’s dozen’, which includes all of the above, plus your 13th month of practice free.

Option 3:

For everyone else who will be paying month-to-month, as of October 15th, the prices of our classes will increase to the following:

Unlimited Month $300

12 Classes in a month $260

One week $115 (six classes, which can be spread out)

Trial week $75 (five days in a row)

Drop-in class $23

In 2015 I am reducing my travel schedule and will be, as I used to be, mainly teaching in NY – and possibly be in Mysore for just the month of July for Guruji’s 100th birthday.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope that this does not become a big burden on any you. If so, please come speak with me – college students as well. I value tremendously what we have created at AYNY, and the effort you all put into your practices, so I hope this price increase does not become a deterrent to you in any way.

You can register for recurring payments here. All of the recurring payment options can be found in the tab that says “contracts”.

Sharath’s Classes

AYNY will be closed from September 10th until September 16th for Sharath’s classes at the Chinatown Y. Of course I highly encourage you all to come, regardless of your level of practice. Everyone will receive an extra week of classes because of the closure, or a $50 discount on your classes for the month of September; the choice is yours. If you cannot afford Sharath’s classes, the $50 discount is so that you could then attend at least one class! Sign up here!

We will re-open on Tuesday, September 16th.

Sunday Yoga Theory Classes

The Sunday theory and Yoga Sutra classes will start up on September 21st, 11:15-12:30. To begin with, classes will include general yoga theory, as well as cover one or two yoga sutras each class. We will meet:

Sept. 21

Oct. 5

Nov. 16

Nov. 23

These classes are free for all recurring payment students, but will be $23 for all others.

Wednesday & Thursday Night Classes

Wednesday and Thursday night Mysore practice will be added into the schedule starting on September 17th, from 7:00-8:30pm (the Wednesday a half-primary will switch to Mysore).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Pics From Russia

Here are a few random photos from Moscow (the Kremlin only), and St. Petersburg (Blood of the Savior Cathedral and the Hermitage).

IMG_2487 IMG_2514
IMG_2545 IMG_2550 IMG_2567
IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2634 IMG_2621

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