Brooklyn Yoga Club

yocelyneBoth Ashtanga Yoga New York and Brooklyn Yoga Club reside in the same townhouse at 206 Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. While Ashtanga Yoga New York is our yoga studio, Brooklyn Yoga Club is our cafe, boutique, AirBnB, and hosts our special events, such as cooking classes, lectures, and movie screenings. The cafe also functions as a collaborative workspace, and students are welcome to spend the morning or afternoon writing, creating community, and using our free wi-fi to work. The Brooklyn Yoga Club aims to integrate the inward focus of yoga practice with the outward expression of the ways we live our lives. We serve homemade chai, elixirs and healthy, fun snacks in the cafe. We have a turntable, art and philosophy books are on the tables and bookshelves, and pets are welcome to hang out in the office.

As our logo expresses, Brooklyn Yoga Club: it’s where you take a pause, and take a breath.