Ashtanga Yoga Confluence Pt 3 and Contemplative Alliance

The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence is back – this year from May 8th-11th, in San Diego. The past two years have been tremendously awesome, but I unfortunately had a date mix-up and cannot attend AYC3. The teachers who will be there are the cream of the crop: Manju Jois, Tim Miller, David Swenson, Richard Freeman and Dena Kingsberg. If you wondered over the past years whether or not to bother going, the answer is an emphatic yes. It is a wonderful opportunity to be around great teachers, and a very warm community. Here is one of the unofficial videos from last year, with Nancy Gilgoff… many others to be seen on the Tube of You… 

Where will I be, you dare to ask? How could I possible be missing such wonderfulness? Well, I’ll be in Prague with a group I work with called the mission is to “create an alliance of organizations and individuals from across religious traditions who believe that inner development is a necessary prerequisite for the positive preservation of humankind.” They are an equally wonderful group of people; a cross knit collection of diverse views, practices and thought systems, coming together to find our places of connection, and how we can use contemplative practices to move towards a kinder, more compassionate world.

Hopefully next year I can join back into the Confluence – especially if they hold one in NY!!!

Here is one of the videos from last June’s Contemplative Alliance meeting at the Morgan Library in NYC – it’s not the most interesting one (but the one that I moderated :-). Other links are below.

Part 1 Length:  1:51

Part 2 Length:  1:40

Part 3 Length:  1:51